Frequently asked questions

We have complied a list of frequently asked questions from previous applicants to ensure you get instant solutions to your problems:

Registration and application process is simple. Simply register with your mobile number to verify your account and complete the application.

Please ensue you have verified your account with your phone number. If you are sure that you have completed this action, request to change your password to your account. Reset Password

Please ensure that you have completed all required fields and that no validation errors which will be in red are present. If you are still experiencing issues, try refreshing the page, fill the required fields and submit. Any issues please visit our Help page

After completing your application, your details will be reviewed by our admissions team and you will be invited for an interview. If this has not been the case please contact us urgently to look into this.

Please verify that the mobile number you registered with is correct as the auth code will be sent to that number. If you still have not recieved your auth code - please check your email as a copy of your auth code will be sent there too (check inbox and junk folders).

Please ensure that the course(s) you are interested in is displayed on the Monoux Webiste. When completing the application, under the choices section, select your desired course(s) from the dropdown.

This is a rare case - we validate emails to ensure that we have a valid email from you, in order to provide you with the necessary information. If you are sure your email is valid, please contact us.

This action is easy, please navigate to account settings page and click change password. You will need to provide your auth code to verify that you are the one requesting the change.

If you believe someone has unauthorised access to your account, please contact us urgently and change your password ASAP.